Financial Education

A loan from FastMoneyGroup.Com should be for emergencies only. We encourage you to manage your income and expenses in a way that you’ll always have an emergency reserve but, we understand that “things” happen beyond our control, and that’s when we’re there for you.


We encourage you to manage your credit. In times of an emergency, it’s always cheaper to tap into your savings vs borrowing, as borrowing typically comes at a premium (high cost), however, if there is no savings, good to excellent credit allows you to borrow at a much lower cost that a “Pay Day” or “Title” loan. How do you improve your credit:


  • If you have credit cards, keep your balance below 30% of your limit.
  • Pay on time, auto debits if at all possible.
  • Don’t use credit for “WANTS”, if you don’t NEED it, use cash, if you don’t have cash, don’t buy it.
  • Keep the number of credit cards under 4 and don’t apply for individual store cards, stick to the big three, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  •  Check your credit regularly, we recommend monthly. Credit Karma is a great free resource.
  • Don’t “Co-Sign” for cars or loans.
  • Don’t apply for credit unless you’re absolutely sure you need it and are relatively sure that you’ll qualify, each inquiry into your credit hurt your score.


Live below your means, in short, just because you make $2000 a month, don’t mean that you should create $1999 of bills.


Lastly, be a “Giver”